What is a tingle lotion?

A tingle lotion is a stimulation of the epidermal layers of your skin. The skin stimulation (irritation) brings blood to closer to the surface of the skin. The blood brings melanin with it and you may receive a better tan. Be careful, Tingle lotions are hot and could burn on tan skin. Temporary reddening of the skin will occur, but will dissipate after a short period of time. Proceed with caution! Tanner’s typically use this once they have reached their plateau. Not recommended for beginners!

What is a bronzer?

Bronzers are a dye that changes the color of your skin instantly. You have to be careful when applying bronzer has some will streak if not applied evenly, also dry skin areas will absorb more of the bronzer, leaving the skin a different color. Elbows, knees, between the fingers, and palms of your hand are the most common spots. Use wet wipes, which are provided inside the booth to clean these areas immediately after applying bronzer.

What is the best lotion?

There is no correct answer. What’s best for you isn’t necessarily the best for the next person. Everyone has their own personal preference as to what they expect a lotion to do and the results they expect to receive. Also, the skin type, tanning experience, oily skin, dry skin, the type of tanning bulbs in the tanning bed/booth used etc, all have a bearing on the expected outcome.

Our expert and knowledgeable staff will assist you in making a determination as the best lotion to use.